Rhinebeck 2014

I’ve been going to Rhinebeck for 5 years now. At some point in that time, my goals have changed from it being a yarn and fiber acquisition trip to mostly visiting with people. Don’t get me wrong, I still spend money, but I’ve got a large stash and much of my knitting time for the next few months is already planned out. That tends to mellow my need for new and pretty things.

On Saturday morning we only showed up about 30 minutes before opening, which was just in time to benefit from the line being split into two.

Lining up for day 1 of Rhinebeck 2014

I already knew that I wasn’t planning on wrestling through long lineups (like at Miss Babs or Jennie the Potter), but I had a goal. I snapped up a couple of beautiful Falkland batts from Into The Whirled. I’ve already spun a few of these, but they’re fun and people seem to like the gradient yarn that they become.

Falkland Batts from Into The Whirled

At the Ravelry meet up I met a whole pile of interesting people and then went to lunch with a bunch more. I’ll tell you a bit more about them over the next few weeks & introduce some of their designs to you on the chance that you don’t already know about them. Here are some pictures of Ravelry friends zuzusunshine (Heather/aka the Cupcake Lady wearing her Peloton shawl in Briar Rose Fibers Sea Pearl) and Annimol (whose husband Thayer makes the very lovely TravelKates):

Nat & Heather Annie & Nat

The foliage was beautiful and I kept wishing that I had a real camera to capture it, but this will have to do:

On Sunday I bought some beautiful fingering weight yarn from the O-Wool booth. I had a heck of a time making a decision. First I had to choose a base. In the end I went with a nice 2-ply fingering weight yarn with the thought of making mittens.

O-Wool O-Wash Fingering in Black Bear and Paw Paw

When I went to tell you more about it, I ran into a problem. O-Wash Fingering isn’t listed on the web site yet. There is O-Wash Sport, which sounds similar. I looked at my ball bands: Lot 1. Aha! It’s a new base. A quick look at the O-Wool Instagram page confirmed this theory.

I took a long time choosing colours, but I thought that the bright, almost neon yellow of Paw Paw would be wonderful with Black Bear. I’m not sure when I’m going to get to knit with it, but I’ll be dreaming about it.

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  1. byneedleandthread says:

    Awesome weekend! Glad to see you. I love that I’m telling a story with my hands but nobody is looking. Haha.