Sunday spinning update: Briar Rose

A few weeks ago I noticed that I had a few bigger lots of fiber (more than just 100g) sitting in the stash and I decided to tackle one. Out came a 6 oz ribbon of reddish-orange BFL from Briar Rose. It’s in perfect fall colours.

I’m aiming for a 3 ply yarn and so I split the fiber into 3 even parts. So far I’ve only finished the first bobbin, but I’m enjoying every minute of it.

1st bobbin of BFL from Briar Rose

I don’t have any pictures of the things from Sam’s pockets, lately. The only thing of note since the beginning of the school year has been the beheaded grasshopper. You’ll have to take my word that a picture would have been a bad plan.

Sam has been doing a lot of activity after he’s supposed to be asleep & I’ve started taking pictures. Last night he apparently had a chess match before wrapping himself up in the black blanket at the top of his bed. I had to look twice before I figured out where he was:

After a late night game of chess, S. rolls himself into his Sens blanket to sleep



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