Rhinebeck Meetup: darkmatterknits (aka Elizabeth Green Musselman)

I’m thinking this will be my final Rhinebeck meetup post. I certainly chatted with a lot of interesting people at Rhinebeck, and there are still more that I haven’t talked about. I’ll find a way to introduce you to some of them soon.

Today I want to tell you about Dark Matter Knits (Elizabeth Green Musselman). She was at the Cooperative Press both at Rhinebeck on the Saturday selling and signing her unique book for boys: Kung Fu Knits.

This fun book is part story, part very cool patterns that boys in your life might just beg you to knit. I think the illustrations would really be attractive to kids. I haven’t tested this theory on my 7 year old boy yet because I don’t have the spare knitting time to make him Nunchucks or a Gi Jacket at the moment!

Nunchuks from Kung Fu Knits by Elizabeth Green Musselman

(c) Elizabeth Green Musselman

As Elizabeth says on her designer page, she likes to work on designs for boys and men. Her thesis is:

  • that guys’ taste in clothing is not nearly as dull as the ready-to-wear market would have you think and
  • that if you knit people what they want, they will wear (or use) it

Elizabeth also hosts a biweekly video podcast that is fantastic. I really like the thought she puts into choosing a theme for each show that relates to knitting (and usually life as well).

And just for pretty, here’s Langstroth, Sr., a great sweater for guys with a geeky historical explanation. It’s an upsized version of Langstroth (for boys).

Langstroth Sr. by Elizabeth Green Musselman (Dark Matter Knits)

(c) Elizabeth Green Musselman

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