January’s Art Deco Pattern location: Université de Montréal

January’s pattern from my Canadian Art Deco Knits ebook is the Cormier Grille Shawl. Today I’m going to show you some of the pictures I took of the Pavillon Roger-Gaudry, the building with the metal grilles that inspired this pattern.

Last year I went to Montréal with my friend Louise on a picture-taking expedition. I had maps of buildings to visit and a plan to get to most of them. There was a lot of walking involved, but we had a good day for it.

We finished up by visiting the Université de Montréal high up on Mont-Royal. We took the metro, some stairs, and a moving walkway system at such a high incline that I remember giggling about what would happen if someone went tumbling down.

heading up the moving walkway

When you finally emerge and look behind you there is a  fantastic view. In our case it was a fantastic view of the storm that was about to hit us:

View from Pavilion Roger-Gaudry, Montréal

When you look at the large Pavilion Roger-Gaudry, there’s a lot to see:

Pavilion Roger-Gaudry, Montréal

Pavilion Roger-Gaudry, Montréal

Pavilion Roger-Gaudry, Montréal

Ernest Cormier designed this building and although it was started in 1924, the Great Depression meant delays. The building wasn’t officially opened until 1943.

Pavilion Roger-Gaudry, Montréal

As you can see, we arrived at the same time as a graduation ceremony was about to begin. I was tired & sweaty from a day of walking around the city. I was wearing runners, shorts & a t-shirt. I felt quite out of place and so we only stayed a short while and got a few pictures. I’d love to return back at a better time!

ceiling of the Hall of Honour, Pavilion Roger-Gaudry, Montréal

light, Pavilion Roger-Gaudry, Montréal

And here are the metal grilles:

metal grilles, Pavilion Roger-Gaudry, Montréal

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