Sunday spinning update: more than half way

I finished up the bobbin of “Paris” from Southern Cross Fibre this week:


I held off on the desire to ply it right away to see how it looks and started in on the coordinating “Eiffel Tower” BFL instead. I’m only about a quarter finished, but I’m squeezing in minutes here and there for spinning, finally.


I’m not sure if I’ll get the singles finished this week, but I’m confident that I’ll make progress.

This past week was March Break here and I was working. This meant that the kids went to a city-run March Break camp. The week began with a chorus of “I don’t want to go to camp!” and finished with them going quickly to the gym to join in whatever game was happening. Between the games, crafts, and baking I think they had a good time.

For some reason I had this idea that camp would somehow free up time in my schedule. Instead I found that leaving home earlier meant getting to work earlier, working a little more than a usual day, getting the kids later, and getting home later. There was no extra time. I found a little bit only by getting up a half hour earlier on a couple of days.

Next week is a regular school week and I’ll have to work a little bit tonight to make sure all the agendas, shoes, recorders (for music class), and library books all find their way back into the appropriate school bag. Despite all that I’m looking forward to the slightly reduced working hours which will theoretically give me more time to knit and spin!

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