More about the Bank of Nova Scotia building

The last couple of months have  flown by in a whirl of deadlines. The taxes are filed and we’ve already got our refund back. The one-year anniversary of our house just passed, which means we hired a home inspector and filed all of our outstanding issues with the home warranty program. Winter seemed to hang on forever (about a week after I laundered all of the winter things), but now we’ve launched into full-on summer weather.

Meanwhile, I’m still working away behind the scenes to create and share my year-long project that is Canadian Art Deco Knits. This month I’ve created Time is Money, a geometric shawl from a tiny bit of a very large building, so I thought I’d share some more of the pictures I took when I was in Toronto.

I approached from the south and tried to imagine the building as it might have been in 1951 without some of the more modern towers around it.

Bank of Nova Scotia, King St., Toronto

Frederick Winkler’s gigantic bas relief depictions of gods & goddesses from mythology look interesting in photos, but it’s hard to convey the scale of just how big they are. They made me think back to my fourth grade teacher who (among many other amazing things) taught us about Greek and Roman mythology. That was the start of my journey towards a Classical Studies degree, but that’s another story!

bas reliefs by Frederick Winkler, Bank of Nova Scotia, Toronto


by Frederick Winkler, Bank of Nova Scotia, Toronto


by Frederick Winkler, Bank of Nova Scotia, Toronto


by Frederick Winkler, Bank of Nova Scotia, Toronto

I took a close-up of the grille that attracted my attention,

grille from Bank of Nova Scotia, King Street, Toronto

but then I had to use Google Street view to go back and see exactly how the grilles fit into the building. There they are as part of the King St. facade in between the sets of doors:

Front facade of Bank of Nova Scotia on King St. in Toronto from Google Street View

There’s another example around the corner on Bay St. too. For more about the bank (and interior photos, so very jealous) see this post from a Toronto history blog.

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3 Responses to More about the Bank of Nova Scotia building

  1. Mary Lou says:

    Great photos. I walk through the lobby of a downtown St. Paul building with some wonderful grilles and keep thinking they would be a perfect design. And when I was a kid I was obsessed with Greek mythology – I wanted it to be my religion instead of Catholic. The nuns loved that idea, of course.

  2. Karen says:

    I love hearing about how people come up with their designs, and the shawl based on that building is stunning. I absolutely love how it’s on the bias but a rectangle rather than a non-rectangular parallelogram.

  3. Carolyn says:

    Hey Nat,

    Hope you are well. V. Cool. That’s my building :)