Canadian Art Deco Knits: Marine Building Shawl

I never realized when I started a pattern-a-month ebook subscription that it would make the year speed by even more quickly. Here it is July (Happy Canada Day! Happy 4th!), and the Dominion Building Shawl is now available.

One thing I like about some Art Deco buildings is the feeling I get from looking at the placement of the windows. The Dominion Building in Halifax draws my eye up with its vertical lines of narrow windows.

Halifax Dominion Building entrance

I played with this idea of narrow windows grouped in a set of five in the middle and threes on the outside to create this shawl. This trapezoid-shaped shawl is knit from a straight edge on the bottom up and out, so you can stop when it’s big enough or when you’ve run out of yarn. The pattern is simple enough that after a repeat you can store most of it in your head.

I knit the grey fingering weight version using 2 skeins of Cariboubaa in Sharktreuse from Indigodragonfly. I used 180g on the shawl with 4 repeats of the second chart. You may not want it that big, but it’s a nice comfy shawl that you can wrap around yourself.

Dominion Building Shawl by Natalie Servant (in Cariboubaa by Indigodragonfly)

I made the golden lace weight version with 1 skein of Merino Silk Lace in Goldmine from SweetGeorgia Yarns. Again, I did 4 repeats of the second chart, but since the gauge is slightly smaller, this delicate fluttery shawl is a little bit smaller than the fingering weight one.

Dominion Building Shawl by Natalie Servant (in Merino Lace Silk by SweetGeorgia Yarns)

You can get the individual Dominion Building Shawl pattern on Ravelry for $6 (USD).

Canadian Art Deco Knits by Natalie Servant

The Canadian Art Deco Knits e-book is $25 (USD) and will include 12 different patterns by the end of 2015. We’re over half way there now! 

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