Canadian Art Deco Knits: Marble Floor Cowl

September’s design is inspired by the colours and patterns on the floors of two stunning Art Deco buildings. From Toronto’s R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant, I drew inspiration from the pattern and colours:


And then the zigzags of Montréal’s Peterson Hall captivated me:


For some reason I got it into my head to include both of these patterns in one accessory. I created a two-sided stranded cowl. I know that when I try to work in 3 colours in a round my tension goes a bit crazy, so I made it a little easier by only including 2 colours in a round. Any area that needs more colour has it applied with duplicate stitching after the knitting is done.

I’m thrilled with the lovely cushy result, made with 4 different colours of Shelridge Yarns Soft Touch Ultra Fingering:

Marble Floor Cowl by Natalie Servant

But I have to admit that I do have a favourite side. I do feel a little bad for the lovely Peterson Hall side:


but the R.C. Harris one has my heart!

Marble Floor Cowl by Natalie Servant

You can get the individual Marble Floor Cowl pattern on Ravelry for $5 (USD).


The Canadian Art Deco Knits e-book is $25 (USD) and will include 12 different patterns by the end of 2015. 3 more patterns to go! 

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