Back from Rhinebeck

October has been flying by at a crazy pace. It started out with a push to get things done at my day job, which meant I didn’t blog much. Then we went to Guelph for Canadian Thanksgiving – no blogging. And last weekend I had the pleasure of going back to Rhinebeck for the New York Sheep & Wool Festival. I had better blog about that!

This year thanks to a friend, Sarah (habsgirl) and I lucked into sharing a house quite close to Rhinebeck. This was the view of the Hudson.

View from house in Rhinecliff

The first day was fabulous. As usual, the trees were gorgeous, the yarn was everywhere, and I got to meet up with friends that I rarely see, even if some of them live in Ontario:

Canadians at Rhinebeck

(byneedleandthread, habsgirl, ashtree22, and martoad)

Danielle Chalson (aka Makewise Designs) and Natalie Servant

(the lovely Danielle Chalson aka Makewise Designs)

Sarah (habsgirl) wearing Simone Kereit's Fox Crossing with Andi Smith (knitbrit)

(Sarah in her Fox Crossing by Simone Kereit with the fabulous Andi Smith aka knitbrit)

When I got back to the house, I showed evidence of some serious sun/wind burn for a few hours:

Rhinebeck windburn

Eventually it calmed down and I stopped being quite so red. We nipped back to the festival on Sunday for the last few items we needed (including maple cotton candy) and had an uneventful ride back to Ottawa. The hardest part of the weekend was going back to work on Monday after doing all that! Perhaps next year I’ll learn and take both the Friday and the Monday off ;)

Trees at Rhinebeck

Trees at Rhinebeck. There always seemed to be someone taking a picture of them when I went by.

Rhinecliff woodpiles Wood piles that we spotted on our drive into Rhinebeck. I just had to stop & snap a photo.

I did manage to do a bit of shopping. Two Loop bullseye bumps, a skein of Chameleon Sock from Indigodragonfly, and two cakes of Charity from Briar Rose. Not pictured is the Cast Iron, Cast On book that I bought for a friend. I’m still kicking myself for not getting co-author Becky Herrick‘s autograph before leaving the Cooperative Press booth!

Rhinebeck 2015 haul

This weekend in family news, we’ve just celebrated my son’s 8th birthday. His actual birthday was back in the summer, but we went to FunHaven today to celebrate with friends. The first stop was the bumper cars, and everyone had a blast.

S & Z in bumper cards We all survived. I am very thankful I chose to do this first thing in the morning!

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