Indie GAL: patterns for hands

Here in Ottawa it’s been getting colder. I peeked in my work bag last week looking for my fingerless mitts to use at the office and discovered that I had 3 different sets of hand knits for hands with me: gloves, mittens, and fingerless mitts. I love making items for hands and changing up what I wear. Here are some more ideas of wonderful patterns that are 25% off on Ravelry during the Indie GAL (use coupon code giftalong2015).

Eragon by Anna Dalvi

Eragon by Anna Dalvi(c) knitandknag


Mica Mitts by Laura Nelkin

Mica Mitts by Laura Nelkin(c) Nelkin Designs


Copperline Mitts by Elizabeth Doherty

Copperline Mitts by Elizabeth Doherty(c) Blue Bee Studio


Bedford by Jen Lucas

Bedford by Jen Lucas(c) Stitch Definition / Jen Lucas


Sidetracked Cable by Kelene Kinnersly

Sidetracked Cable by Kelene Kinnersly(c) Amy Kinnersly


Lagniappe Gloves by Emily Ringelman

Lagniappe Gloves by Emily Ringelman(c) Emily Ringelman
Nara fingerless mittens by Wondrlanding

Nara Fingerless Mittens by Wondrlanding(c) Wondrlanding

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