Suburban Station Hat & Mittens: the design process

This week I put out a new hat & mitten set.

Suburban Station Set by Natalie Servant

The Suburban Station Hat & Mittens are inspired by a railway station in Philadelphia.

Pennsylvania Railroad Suburban Station Facade (c) Lucius Kwok

(c) Lucius Kwok, under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Generic license

This was one of those designs that seemed to move really quickly, but when I thought about it, it’s taken more than a year. Back in October 2014 I went to Rhinebeck and bought some O-Wool O-Wash Fingering – their new superwash fingering yarn – in Paw Paw and Black Bear. I was intrigued when I read about their certified organic wool that was turned into superwash wool by a non-standard process. I went to the booth and I spent ages agonizing over colours. I eventually chose the two highly contrasting skeins for a potential  colourwork project.

Then in January 2015 I was doing a sketch a day (or so), looking for inspiration everywhere. I was trawling the internet for cool Art Deco buildings when I saw a picture of the Pennsylvania Suburban Station and quickly sketched out a mitten idea.

Early this January while I was supposed to be doing other things I came across my sketch. I got absorbed by the idea and came up with a draft of a mitten pattern in a couple of hours. I knew I had exactly the right colours in the stash with the O-Wool, and when I realized both the building inspiration & yarn hailed from Philadelphia it seemed like the perfect match.

A few hours later I’d wound the yarn & embarked on the first mitten. There were some revisions to the charts when it wasn’t looking quite as good as I’d imagined. Ripping the mitten back was painful, but I’m thrilled with the end result.

Just a few weeks later I had the hat and mittens knit, the pattern back from the tech editor, and pictures taken with Francine on a lovely walk around the Stony Swamp. I am thrilled with this set. I wish you could feel how soft & smooth the fabric is. I am certain I’ll be knitting with this yarn again. And when I stop by the O-Wool booth at Rhinebeck this year I won’t feel any guilt about buying more because I used mine!


The Suburban Station Set (hat + mittens) is $7.

The Suburban Station Hat pattern is $5 by itself.

The Suburban Station Mittens pattern is $4 by itself.

Don’t worry! If you get one of the patterns & decide you need the other one later, the discount for the set will be automatically applied.

Suburban Station Hat by Natalie Servant

Suburban Station Mittens by Natalie Servant


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