Saturday knitting update

This winter has been awfully long – or at least it felt that way. My work changed in January which meant a small additional amount of driving. Between that extra time and the extra time I put in to try to meet deadlines, there hasn’t been a whole lot of creating going on. Finally the snow is disappearing and the days are getting longer. I’ve taken on another contract, so I’ll have a day job for the rest of the year. I haven’t been doing any spinning at all. I’ll have to pace myself this year as far as design work goes, but I’ve got a few things coming up, including my annual Tour de France KAL.

Right now I’m working to finalize my latest collection. Lace Revelations is going to be a 3 piece shawl collection. There are 3 shapes (rectangle, shallow triangle, and semi-circular), 3 reversible lace motifs (hexagons, triangles, and V’s) and I used 3 different colours of Fyberspates Scrumptious Lace. All three shawls are reversible. The idea that I’ve been working on is reversible tessellated geometric shapes. After much swatching, there were 3 winning ideas. I’m hoping to have the patterns off to the tech editor tomorrow. Right now, though, all I can show you is the leftovers:

Fyberspates Scrumptious

Art Deco architecture still pops up all the time when I’m watching TV, even when I’m not really expecting it. Did anyone else notice Vancouver’sĀ Marine Building in a recent episode of Lucifer? I had to go through the episodeĀ again just to make sure it was what I thought it was. Ta-da!

Marine Building in Lucifer

In family news, the kids have been pretty great. The weather’s gradually warming up and they want to go out on their scooters and hang at the local parks. They’re very close and I’m very grateful. One school night I missed the sounds of a door opening & little steps when I was downstairs, because when I went up later this is what I found:

sleeping beauties

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