Tour de France KAL – more about the prizes & the rules

A few days ago I gave you a preview of the prizes for my annual Tour de France KAL. Starting on Saturday July 2, 2016 and running along with the Tour de France, we’ll be knitting my Gavrinis shawl until Sunday July 24th, 2016. I’ll have the shawl up for pre-sale later this week.

Today I want to tell you more about the prizes and how you can win them. The yarn is all from my stash. This is yarn that I bought fully intending to knit with it. Every year I comb through the stash looking for yarns that I think you’ll love. I always hope that my favourites aren’t chosen by winners and that I get another chance to knit with them!

First up, something new this year, is a copy of Franklin Habit’s new colouring book, I Dream of Yarn. If you’ve already achieved SABLE (stash acquisition beyond life expectancy), perhaps this is the choice for you!

I Dream of Yarn by Franklin Habit

I’m also offering a copy of my own book. One printed edition of Canadian Art Deco Knits is also up for grabs.

Canadian Art Deco Knits by Natalie Servant

Now on to the fluffy stuff: Belisa Blend is 500 yards in 50g and is made up of 65% Lambswool, 25% Possum, 10% Silk.


Manos del Uruguay lace is 438yd/400m. This skein is mostly black with silver & bronze highlights and is 70% alpaca, 25% silk and 5% cashmere.


Silent Valley Alpaca sock is local to me. This skein has 415yds/385m of super soft alpaca (80%), nylon (10%), and merino (10%).Silent Valley Alpaca Sock

Indigodragonfly Merino Silk Lace in “Have Fun Storming the Castle” and it’s got 720yds/658m of a 50/50 merino/silk blend.

Indigodragonfly Silk Lace

This skein of Malabrigo Sock in Arbol is 440yds/402m of merino squishiness.Malabrigo Sock

Old Maiden Aunt BFL 4 ply in Brass Taps and Oak is 400yds/366m of wool.


Peppino by Rhichard Devrieze in the colour Frankly Scarlet. 450yds/412m of merino.

Rhichard Devrieze Peppino

Sundara Silk Lace in French Lessons – how appropriate! It’s 1000yd/914m of silk.

Sundara Silk Lace in French Lessons

Tosh Sock in Dusk is 395yds/361m of merino.

Tosh Sock in Dusk

Sweet Georgia Merino Silk Lace in goldmine is 765yds/700m of 50/50 merino/silk.Sweet Georgia Merino Silk Lace

Alchemy Juniper in Barceloneta is 464yds/424m of merino.
Alchemy Juniper in Barceloneta

Finally, Posh Yarn Olivia Sock is 460yds/421m of shiny blue silk.


Now you’ve seen the loot, it’s time for information on how you can win. The prize categories are pretty much the same most years. Winners will pick from the prize pool in the following order:

1. Maillot Jaune – Yellow Jersey: The first prize goes to the person whose post with a picture of their finished object gets the most love in the designated Finished Object thread in my Ravelry group.

2. Maillot Vert – Green Jersey: The sprinting prize will be a draw from among the first 5 finishers of shawls – this only counts for people knitting the rectangle (20 repeats), the medium semicircle, or the large semicircle.

3. Maillot à Pois Rouges – Polka Dot Jersey: The mountain prize will go to the person whose tale of tribulations experienced during knitting gets the most love in the designated thread in my Ravelry group.

4. Maillot Blanc – White Jersey: New to lace? New to knitting? This prize for rookies will be drawn from among the list of finishers who tag their project with the “white-jersey”. It’s up to you to decide whether or not you belong in this category.

5. Finishers: A draw will be done among all finishers who haven’t already won a prize.

6. Lanterne Rouge: Started but didn’t finish? You’ll be eligible for a draw for this prize, provided you’ve got a picture of your progress on your project page.

7. Red Devil (Spectators): We don’t all have the time and space to compete in the Tour, but there will be a prize category for those who wish to follow along and cheer on the competitors. Join my Ravelry group or join my mailing list and you’re in the running. The inspiration comes from Didi Senft, a notorious spectator, bike-builder, and cycling fanatic. Here’s a great short video of Didi.


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