Le grand départ: Tour de France KAL

Just as the Tour de France (and my Tour de France KAL) is kicking off, my final Gavrinis is off the needles. This rectangular version was made with almost all of a skein of Posh Yarn Sylvia Lace (871yds/800m used) and it went so quickly off the blocking wires & to an impromptu photo shoot that the ends aren’t darned in yet!

Rectangular Gavrinis - just off the blocking wires

I’m loving the green. Sometimes it’s very tempting to stop what I’m doing and move on to the next thing. I’m glad I persevered and finished this one off.

Rectangular Gavrinis

The final size is about 15.5″ wide and 76″ long. I suppose I should go and darn in the ends now!

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