Tour de France KAL: Winners

The Tour de France finally wrapped up on Sunday. Despite the wipeouts and broken bones, it set a record for the most amount of finishers. I really enjoyed the photo finishes and I was happy to see Mark Cavendish get a few wins.

If the TdF is done, then so is my annual Tour de France KAL. This year we knit Gavrinis, and today I drew winners. I’m happy to share their names & their knitting with you!

The first prize, the Yellow Jersey, went to Aniko whose shawl got the most (love) in the finished object thread:

Gavrinis knit by Aniko

The Green Jersey went to pinhappy from a draw among the first 5 finishers:

Gavrinis knit by pinhappy

The Polka Dot Jersey went to PurpleHaze, who also happens to be my frequent model. Her tail of woe got the most love:

This is my first knit along…yay…. but i’m on fire trying to finish. The faster I knit the more I have to rip back!!!! this morning I ripped back 700 sts! be still my heart. The shawl is now in a time out .

She did finish in the end!

Gavrinis by PurpleHaze

The White Jersey went to ahraitte. Although she’s an accomplished knitter, this was her first lace shawl!

Gavrinis by ahraitte

The Finishers prize went to Skippie. This was a prize draw from among the people who finished who had not already won a prize.

Gavrinis by Skippie

The Lanterne Rouge Prize went to choconut. This was a prize draw from among people who started the KAL but didn’t finish before the TdF ended.

Gavrinis started by choconut

The Spectators prize went to knittingspinner. This was a prize draw from among the members of my Ravelry group and of my mailing list.

Over the next few days I’ll sort out the information from the winners and get their prizes in the mail. I’m already working on a few potential ideas for next year’s KAL!

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