Fall is here

I had every intention of blogging in September, but that month just kicked me in the pants. At the beginning of the month I couldn’t find the energy and then at the end of the month all of my energy was consumed elsewhere. My father had a heart attack a week ago while in Montréal and quickly had a new stent put in. My parents don’t live in Montréal. My siblings and I all went to Montréal to help out. I’m happy to report that my parents are now back at home and figuring out a recovery regime for Dad.

Also last week my web site went for a little nap, but has now been resurrected.

Meanwhile, suddenly fall is here. I noticed the colours of the leaves changing a few weeks ago, but then this morning there were piles of leaves on the ground. Rhinebeck is in two weeks, and for the first time I’ll actually have my very own sweater to wear. I still haven’t got proper pictures of it, but I’m loving the sweater. I made Laura Aylor’s Serra.

What I meant to talk about in September is a fun trip I took on Labour Day. I went to Toronto on a museum-filled day of inspiration. I took the early train by myself and arrived in town at 10:30am.

The first stop was the main reason for my visit. I really wanted to catch The Idea of North – the Lawren Harris exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario before it ended. Harris has always seemed to me to be the most Art Deco-ish of the Group of Seven. I arrived in plenty of time for a look around the gallery’s exhibits, including other paintings from the Group of Seven:

Group of Seven at the AGO

and the Henry Moore sculpture collection:

Henry Moore collection at AGO

Finally, it was time to see the exhibition. I liked this one: Miners’ Houses, Glace Bay.

Miners' Houses, Glace Bay, Lawren Harris

There were many wonderful paintings, but North Shore, Lake Superior stole my heart. I visited it a few times before I finally left.

North Shore, Lake Superior, by Lawren Harris

Next up was the Textile Museum, which had a beaded exhibition, including this vest from Borneo:

Beaded vest from Borneo

There were more stunning pieces in a garden-based exhibition. This wedding shirt from Pakistan:

Wedding Shirt from Pakistan

A piece of William Morris cloth:

William Morris cloth

And this amazing embroidered throne cover from China:

Throne Cover from China

There were 2 more museums to go that day, as well as an awesome Art Deco building, but I’ll tell you about that later on. Fingers crossed that I make it back to the computer a little more quickly next time!

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4 Responses to Fall is here

  1. Mary lou says:

    Glad your father is doing well. What a thing to happen away from home. What a wonderful outing. Love Harris- the actual North Shore of Lake Superior is pretty fantastic as well.

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  4. The Yarner says:

    I really have to put the Henry Moore collection on my list. Maybe I’ll find some quiet time for it when I’m in the T next week.