Toronto museums, part 2

Last time I showed you some of the pictures from my visit to the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Textile Museum of Canada. I still had two more museums on my list that day! I moved on to the Gardiner Museum. I love ceramics, and I arrived just in time for a brief public tour. We started off looking at this example from Mexico and talking about all of the details on this statue:

Mexican ceramic statue

After the whirlwind tour through the ages with the guide, I went off and found a couple more things that interested me. As a spinner, I couldn’t resist a picture of spindle whorls:

ceramic spindle whorls


And then I found this gorgeous plate:



Time was marching on, so I moved across the road to the ROM, and purchased a ticket for the Chihuly exhibit:

Chihuly exhibit

Chihuly exhibit


And then I dove off into the ancient stuff and was captivated by the Egyptian jewelry:

Egyptian necklaces at the ROM

Egyptian necklaces at the ROM

At this point I was getting a little tired, but I had one more place to visit and just enough time to do it. Next time I’ll show you the Art Deco building I’ve been hoping to see for a while.






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