Happy New Year!

It’s 2017, and I’m sure I meant to blog last month, but December got away from me. I was working right up to the 23rd, leaving town on the 24th for a family visit, and knitting away on a deadline project. Although I didn’t blog, I managed to keep my sanity and get all the presents wrapped in time, so I’m calling it a win.

Looking back over my work in 2016, I got a bit more done than I had thought: I had 14 new designs published. That includes 3 published by 3rd parties, including Azulejos in Twist Collective:

Azulejos by Natalie Servant, Spring/Summer 2016 Twist Collective, picture (c) Fanny Lafontaine-Jacob

(c) Fanny Lafontaine-Jacob

Reckon and Reading Between the Lines came out as part of the Indigodragonfly Smart-Ass Knitters/World Domination club & they’ll be available to the world at large this coming April.

Reckon by Natalie ServantReading Between the Lines by Natalie Servnat


And here are all of my self-published patterns of the year:2016 designs from Natalie Servant

It helps that I did much of the swatching & design for some of the projects in the previous year. I don’t quite know what 2017 holds for me, but I know I’ll be knitting. I’m already working on a some ideas for my annual Tour de France KAL in July. I’ve also got an idea for a set of related designs, but I haven’t even begun sketching them yet. I also have a few patterns in the works that got left behind last year, so I’ll finish them up soon.

Something new I’ll be doing is crochet. I’ve tried to learn a few times, but what really did the trick for me was taking a class at my local yarn store. My friend Anja’s been teaching there for years, but finally the stars aligned and I was able to make time to take the course. After just over a month I’ve made a few pot holders, a granny square, and I’ve tackled a couple of random patterns from the internet. I’m a beginner, but I’m finally feeling like I understand the basics. This is what I tackled on New Year’s Eve:

Learning to crochet

What are you going to knit/learn/do this year?

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  1. Mary Lou says:

    Best wishes for 2017! You’ve been productive!