I posted on Instagram about the #FallShawlKAL2017 a while back. It’s going on until the middle of October. There are weekly themes and prizes! Now that I’m back from family vacation I thought I’d tell you a little more and tempt you with pictures.

There are 7 indie designers participating, and each of us has chosen 5 eligible patterns. You can see the full list of 35 shawl patterns over in the Ravelry group. Here are my top picks:

Fairy Wings from Ruth Brasch

Fairy Wings by Ruth Brasch

dekke by talitha kuomi

dekke by talitha kuomi

Aveza by Emily Ross

Aveza by Emily Ross


Sparkling Rain by Christelle Nihoul

Sparkling Rain Shawl by Christelle Nihoul

Birdsfoot Fern by Laura Patterson

Birdsfoot Fern by Laura Patterson

Solar Flare from Lindsay Lewchuck

Solar Flare Circular Shawl by Lindsay Lewchuk

Remember that the #FallShawlKAL2017 runs on Instagram until Oct. 15th, and there are weekly prizes. Head on over & check out what’s happened so far. There is a different theme for each week:


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