Visit to the Marine Building

Marine Building - the top

This year I got to check something big off my Art Deco building bucket list: the Marine Building in Vancouver, British Columbia. I talked about this beauty back when I released my Marine Building shawl, but I only showed one little picture of the building just above the front door.

We had a family trip to BC for a week this summer, and we stayed in a hotel just a couple of blocks down the road from the Marine Building. I took outside pictures by myself, but was too shy to enter without being part of a walking tour.

Here’s the entrance and a few close-ups, including the beauty that you only see if you stand under it and look up:

Marine Building entrance

Marine Building entrance detail

Marine Building entrance detail

Here’s some lovely but pock-marked seaweed by the entrance:

Marine Building detail

The tour was great & this building was the highlight for me. I could have easily spent an hour getting detailed shots of all the amazing things, but this way I figure I’ll just have to get back to Vancouver and visit it again.

Here are the elevator doors that I obsessed over:

Marine Building elevator door

Sometimes it’s the little details that pop out later on. I love these tiles on the stairs:

Marine Building - tiles on stairs

Check out the look on the face of the whale in the middle here:

Marine Building - whales and ships

And the waves around this ship are amazing:

Marine Building - ship light

Even the ceiling is stunning:

Marine Building - ceiling

What’s on your must-see bucket list? I’ve got whole maps with pins in them set up for Chicago and New York City!

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