Streamline Moderne

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you’ll know about my interest in architecture. One area of Art Deco architecture that I haven’t explored (or photographed) much is Streamline Moderne. There┬áhave been a couple, including the Go Transit station in Hamilton:

Go Transit building, Hamilton, ON

And a few blocks away (because I was strategically photographing nearby buildings of interest while the family waited), there was this other building:

55 John Street N, Hamilton, ON

I don’t think the tenants appreciated my interest in their building, especially when I went inside. But look at their light fixture:

Light fixture, 55 John St. N, Hamilton, ON

I do love the curves and straight line elements of these buildings, and have stopped Poirot (and other shows) to take photos like this:

Hotel from Poirot

House from Poirot

It’s taken a while, but I’ve finally come up with a knitting pattern inspired by these buildings. Streamline Moderne is a bottom-up garter shawl with scalloped edges and stripes. It’s a skinny triangle.

I made one in beautiful greens in some lovely Bohemia Sport from Outlaw Yarn. This soft and fuzzy yarn has a blend of Polwarth, alpaca, and possum.

Streamline Moderne in Bohemia Sport from Outlaw Yarn

And then I made a nautical version in worsted weight Clara Yarn Cormo 1.0. The gorgeous blue was dyed by Jennifer Heverly of Spirit Trail Fiberworks. The garter stitch in this one is *so squishy*!

Streamline Moderne in Cormo 1.0 from Clara Yarn

I’m working on getting this finished up & released as soon as possible, but I’m thinking that both of these babies are coming to Rhinebeck with me next week. See you there?

Streamline Moderne in Bohemia Sport from Outlaw YarnThanks as usual to the lovely Francine for being my model!


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