Knitting adventures with Lucy

I’ve been posting rather sporadically. Sometimes I haven’t had time, and sometimes I haven’t had much to say. Now I feel like I’ve stored it all up and I’ve got too much to say at once!

I’ve been busy at my new job since January. I’m still learning the ropes and there’s a lot less free/knitting time than there used to be. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still time for knitting, but I don’t often get great amounts of time all stuck together.

That changed a couple of weekends ago. I was lucky enough to get into classes that Lucy Neatby was teaching for our local guild. I would take just about any class Lucy offers, because I always come away with new ideas and new perspectives on old techniques. Plus she’s always got great stories.

We did one day of knitting in all directions, which was fun. The morning swatch looked like this:

Knitting in all directions

And the afternoon swatch was even more fun: triangles!

Equilateral Triangles with Lucy Neatby

Day 2 involved starting a double-knit octagon blanket:

dkside1 dkside2

And then the afternoon was filled with edgings.

knit edgings with Lucy Neatby

Although there were tidbits from the classes I’ll use throughout my knitting, what seems to have really stuck was the triangles. Last fall I organized my sock yarn stash by colour and readied myself to make a sock blanket – the square kind. I had good intentions, but nothing happened.

In the last 2 weeks, I’ve had fun and gone a little nuts knitting hexagons with my stash. I started out and had this after a weekend:

First seven hexagons

It’s so much fun that I organize 6 or so sets of colours at a time, ready for when I’ve got a few minutes. Each triangle is quick, and I can pick this up and put it down and not have any trouble remembering where I was. And these things are multiplying:

Current state of hexagons

Some folks may not like seaming and darning in ends, but the fun of this portable bite-sized knitting is super appealing to me. I figure I’ll have enough for a blanket in a few years – or perhaps less if I can’t kick the obsession ;)

I’ve got other designs on the go, and I’m already swatching for┬ámy 9th annual Tour de France KAL in July. Hopefully this coming month I’ll be able to show you a bit more of what I’m working on. In the mean time, hexagons will be filling in any other knitting gaps I might have.

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One Response to Knitting adventures with Lucy

  1. kmkat says:

    Knitting small pieces is addicting. I have made 1.25 mitered-square blankets and can attest to this.