Indie GAL: patterns for hands

Here in Ottawa it’s been getting colder. I peeked in my work bag last week looking for my fingerless mitts to use at the office and discovered that I had 3 different sets of hand knits for hands with me: gloves, mittens, and fingerless mitts. I love making items for hands and changing up what I wear. Here are some more ideas of wonderful patterns that are 25% off on Ravelry during the Indie GAL (use coupon code giftalong2015).

Eragon by Anna Dalvi

Eragon by Anna Dalvi(c) knitandknag


Mica Mitts by Laura Nelkin

Mica Mitts by Laura Nelkin(c) Nelkin Designs


Copperline Mitts by Elizabeth Doherty

Copperline Mitts by Elizabeth Doherty(c) Blue Bee Studio


Bedford by Jen Lucas

Bedford by Jen Lucas(c) Stitch Definition / Jen Lucas


Sidetracked Cable by Kelene Kinnersly

Sidetracked Cable by Kelene Kinnersly(c) Amy Kinnersly


Lagniappe Gloves by Emily Ringelman

Lagniappe Gloves by Emily Ringelman(c) Emily Ringelman
Nara fingerless mittens by Wondrlanding

Nara Fingerless Mittens by Wondrlanding(c) Wondrlanding

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Indie GAL: socks

I’m continuing with my picks from the various categories of patterns involved in the Indie Design GAL on Ravelry. All patterns are 25% off until Fri. Nov. 27 at 11:59pm EST with the coupon code giftalong2015. This morning’s picks are all about keeping your feet warm & stylish with knits that’ll keep your brain going.

Intertwined from Maureen Foulds

Intertwined by Maureen Foulds(c) Maureen Foulds


Pit Railway Socks by Cynthia Levy

Pit Railway Socks by Cynthia Levy(c) Cynthia Levy


Lacy Leaf Socks by Cheryl Chow

Lacy Leaf Socks by Cheryl Chow(c) Cheryl Chow


Honeycomb Cables by Louise Tilbrook

Honeycomb Cables by Louise Tilbrook(c) Louise Tilbrook Designs


Swirling Star Socks by Knitwise Design

Swirling Star Socks by Knitwise Design(c) Knitwise Design


Year of Plenty by Debbie Sullivan

Year of Plenty by Debbie Sullivan(c) Veronica Schleihauf


Dark Passage Socks by Beverly S.

Dark Passage Socks by Beverly S.(c) Beverly S.

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Indie GAL: Sweaters

This morning was about shawls. Tonight I’m moving on to sweaters. Perhaps you’ll find what it is that you’re looking to make next. Remember, these patterns are part of the sale on Ravelry until Friday @ 11:59pm EST with the coupon code giftalong2015.

Wheatcrop Jumper by Ruth Garcia-Alcantud

Wheatcrop Jumper by Ruth Garcia Alcantud(c) rockandpurl


Innisfil by Laura Chau

Innisfil by Laura Chau(c) Laura Chau


 Simple Ziggurat by Åsa Tricosa

Simple Ziggurat by Asa Tricosa(c) Åsa Tricosa


Corazon by Julia Trice

Corazon by Julia Trice(c) mindofwinter


Locus Vest by Katya Frankel

Locus Vest by Katya Frankel(c) Katya Frankel


Tavie by Meiju K-P

Tavie by Meiju K-P(c) Meiju K-P/Tanu Kallio

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Indie GAL: Shawls & stoles

There are not enough days between now & the end of the Indie Design GAL to deal with each of the different categories, so I’m going to double up posts – one in the morning, one in the evening.

This morning it’s all about shawls & stoles. Of course some of mine are in my GAL bundle, but here are a few of the ones from other designers that caught my eye:

Wendell Holmes by Corrina Ferguson

Wendell Holmes by Corrina Ferguson(c) picnicknits

Vacillate by Cindy Garland

Vacillate by Cindy Garland(c) Wild Prairie Knits

Flower of Cebu from Christiane Burkhard

Flower of Cebu by Christiane Burkhard(c) Christiane Burkhard


Fernweh by Simone Kereit

Fernweh by Simone Kereit(c) Simone Kereit


Notting Hill Gate by Toby Roxane Barna

Notting Hill Gate by Toby Roxane Barna(c) Dennis F Barna


Snowscape by Dani Berg

Snowscape by Dani Berg(c) Dani Berg


Flowers of Traken by Lotta Groeger

Flowers of Traken by Lotta Groeger(c) Atalante

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Sunday spinning update plus GAL cowl/scarf suggestions

I managed to power through the rest of my Loop bump this week, watching the colours change:





At some point I’m going to have to start plying! Perhaps this week, although the calendar is starting to fill up. I can’t quite believe it’s almost December.

And now back to the Indie GAL I was talking about yesterday. This afternoon’s suggestions are all in the cowl/scarf category. Here are the ones that caught my eye today:

Whitefish Ripples by Faye Kennington

Whitefish Ripples by Faye Kennington(c) UkeeKnits


Alameda by Clare Lakewood

Alameda by Clare Lakewood(c) Clare Lakewood


Wolcott by Alicia Plummer

Wolcott by Alicia Plummer(c) Alicia Plummer


Montague Street Cowl by Nina Machlin Dayton

Montague Street Cowl by Nina Machlin Dayton(c) Nina Machlin Dayton


Autumn Tango by Diana Rozenshteyn

Autumn Tango by Diana Rozenshteyn(c) Diana Rozenshteyn


Scarftex by Linda Marveng

Scarftex by Linda Marveng(c) Kim Müller


Arboles Cowl by Sashka Macievich

Arboles Cowl by Sashka Macievich(c) Sashka Macievich

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Indie GAL: Hat faves

There are *thousands* of patterns up for 25% off in the 2015 Ravelry Indie Gift-A-Long. How on earth can you find what you want? Well there are a few ways.

1) Use the search functionality on Ravelry The fabulous organizers of the GAL have made this easy by creating a searchable bundle. You can search on all the usual things: yarn weight/amount, garment type, colorwork, etc. You can even see which sale patterns you’ve already added to your favorites.

2) Pinterest boards: Want to browse through all of the pretty pictures? Have a look at the garment-specific boards in the Indie GAL account.

Still feeling overwhelmed? Well I’m going through the designs one type at a time and picking out the ones that interest me. Remember that what you have to do is add the pattern to your Ravelry cart and use the coupon code giftalong2015.

For tonight, here are some of the hat patterns that have caught my eye:

Alkira Hat by Ambah O’Brien

Alkira Hat by Ambah O'Brien (c) ambah(c) ambah


Lakeview Hat by Danielle Chalson

Lakeview Hat by Danielle Chalson(c) makewise


Trondra by Emily K. Williams

Trondra by Emily K. Williams(c) Emily K Williams


Kauri by Gabriella Henry

Kauri by Gabriella Henry(c) sweetp


Nautilina Beret by Elizabeth Sullivan

Nautilina Beret by Elizabeth Sullivan(c) Veronica Schleihauf


 Aureate Hat by Triona Murphy

Aureate Hat by Triona Murphy(c) Triona Murphy


Chicken Wire by Susan Villas Lewis

Chicken Wire by Susan Villas Lewis(c) Susan Villas Lewis


Hermia Hat by Sarah Jordan

Hermia Hat by Sarah Jordan(c) Sarah Jordan


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The Indie Gift-A-Long is back!

This Thursday the Indie Gift-A-Long begins again on Ravelry. It’s a 6-week holiday knit-along/crochet-along for patterns from hundreds of participating designers running right until the end of the year. There are games & prizes. The amount of work behind the scenes to mount this even boggles my mind. Bravo to the amazing volunteers!

This fun event starts with a sale of patterns from 335 indie designers (from Nov. 19, 8pm EST to Nov. 27, 11:59pm EST). I’ve got a selection of my patterns available in a bundle & all you have to do is (during the time period mentioned) add them to your cart & use the coupon code giftalong2015. You can check out the Ravelry group for more info. There are over 5000 discounted patterns!

Natalie Servant Designs GAL 2015

Then on to the knitting part of the GAL! Pick the patterns you will work on from now until Dec. 31, 2015. All of my paid patterns (and those of the other 334 participating designers) are eligible for the KAL part, so you may want to look through your pattern library and queues to see what you’ve already planned to knit!

Then you just have to get crafting. Join the Indie GAL group on Ravelry & tag any of your projects with the appropriate GAL tags. And there are games & prizes throughout the GAL in the group too!

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Sunday spinning update: more of the same

I did finally finish spinning the singles on my Loop bullseye bump. It really took up all the space on the bobbin:


Instead of moving on to something that would spin up a little more quickly, I have started another bullseye bump from Rhinebeck. I just had to know how this one would spin up. It’s got rainbow-type colours separated by little bits of black/dark grey. So far so good:

Loop - start of rainbow bullseye bump

In family news, all is well at the moment. The kids have brought their first report cards home & there were no real surprises, which is good.

I have learned a new hairstyle for Zoe, at her request. I tried to get her interested in trying out something with a Celtic knot, but this is what she wanted instead:


Meanwhile Sam brought all the foam squares upstairs spontaneously & built a fort:


The open roof is particularly helpful when being served food & beverages.

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I was preparing to write a blog post as today’s news about the tragedy in Paris came in. I can’t go on with what I was going to write, so here are some images of Paris instead. My thoughts are with all of those affected by these attacks.

Eiffel Tower



Notre Dame view


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Needler’s Retreat: Rejuvenation

This past weekend I was in Gananoque at the Needler’s Retreat. This was my 8th trip, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Debbie Wilson of Sheeps Ahoy is the organizer, and I always know I’m going to have a great weekend.

The leaves smelled wonderful & the view is always spectacular. I find it extra relaxing to grab a few quiet moments to take pictures:Crabapples

Morning view at Glen HouseEven when there’s a storm, it’s a beautiful place.View from Glen House

The teachers this year were wonderful and I learned something new in every class. Amanda Schwabe (aka aknitica) taught us about sock heels. My takeaway from that was a better way of picking up stitches. Julie Nandorfy (now working with Kathryn at Riverside Studio) taught us double knitting. She’s got some lovely double knit cowls that she showed us and they were inspired by embroidered pillowcases done by her grandmother. She had a lovely stack of them with her to show us. And finally Nancy Halliday taught us about drafting patterns – basically it was a class about boobs, and there was a lot of measuring involved. I came out of there with a vest pattern that will fit me properly. A bunch of us are talking about starting vests in January. I’ve got a bag of Rowan Calmer that might be perfect.

There were plenty of moments to relax with friends at a meal, or before or after a meal. We are all well fed at retreat!

Dinner with the gang

Dinner with the gangIt’s a bit jarring to go from this state of relaxation back to work and life as normal. Perhaps I’ll learn my lesson next year & take the Monday after retreat off too!

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