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Olympic gold!

The Olympic medal count for Canada seems to have been increasing at an amazing rate, although some of the games have made me rather nervous. There’s still more heart-stopping hockey to come. Here at home I’ve finished my knitting and … Continue reading

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Belated spinning post, mysterious knits, and Olympic dreams

Well hello there! That last week and a half just flew by in a haze of various people being sick and not enough sleep. I’m still here, knitting & spinning when I can. I’ve started spinning a new little bag … Continue reading

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Sheep Heid: the gateway Fair Isle knitting project

This afternoon I had this wooly mess: This evening it became this: It fits me very well: But it looks even better on my young hat model: I have had such a great time over the last week, in my … Continue reading

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We have sheep!

This sheep heid hat is addictive. I keep wanting to get the end of each chart. The other night I just had to get to the top of these cute little sheep: And then yesterday I was not going to … Continue reading

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No hat yet

It’s Monday and I don’t have my Sheep Heid hat finished yet. I have knit the first chart twice already, though. Last week I finished my blog post and went straight upstairs and retrieved the pattern and the yarn. I … Continue reading

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Christmas prep is done

Well the Christmas prep of the knitting kind is done. I’ve still got to work on the rest of the preparations. So far today my intentions of getting decorations out haven’t moved along but I’ve peeled 3 pomegranates and done … Continue reading

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Done frolicking!

I’ve just returned from a lovely quick trip to Toronto for the DKC Knitter’s Frolic. I was helping out Debbie Wilson of Sheeps Ahoy. Here’s what the booth looked like just before the knitters ran in (yes, ran in): (note … Continue reading

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