Blanket still going

A while back I talked about the baby blanket I was working on. I’ve finished the second ball of four possible balls this week and I’ve started to worry about how many repeats I can do. I tried figuring out how many stitches I get to a ball, but that’s given me wildly varying numbers even in a pretty spreadsheet. I’m hoping that the numbers will make sense at the end of the 3rd ball and I’ll know how many repeats I can safely attempt. Of course there’s the distinct possibility that at the end of this, the 3rd repeat, that I’ll just say, “It’s done!”

The blanket is probably about 26″ square, now, although it’s too big to be stretched out on the needles to really check. I’m using 2 circular needles and besides my wool supply issue, I’m also worried that 4 repeats would start coming off the ends of the needles & I really don’t want to go and buy more.

I also find that even now the rows are somewhere in the 600 stitch range, I’m not happy if I put this down after just doing one or two rows. Apparently I need to see inches growing to feel like I’ve done something. I’m trying to make myself feel better by seeing how much smaller the ball is getting – it sort of works.

Anyway, we’ll see how the calculations, the needles, and my will power go over the next couple of weeks & I should be done soon.

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