No pictures yet

I’ve been trying to post my Shedir pictures, but it seems every time I try, I’m unable to load the pictures or I’m at work and I don’t have them on hand.

I’ve been busy knitting, of course. I’ve made quite a bit of progress recently on my Diamond Fantasy Shawl. I’ve got 4 repeats of the main pattern done now. It says 10 for a shawl, but since I’m using extremely fine lambswool, I may need to do a bit more than that. We’ll see when I get there. It’s very enjoyable & not too taxing on my brain late at night.

I’m also working on updating my flower pillow pattern. I’m knitting it again in some cotton I have with the thought of passing the finished pillow on to a relatively new baby girl in the family. The cotton is actually fairly fine so the finished product will be much smaller than the 1 1/2 feet diameter Lopi version. Anyway, I’ll have the rough pattern worked out and I’ll be able to translate it from there into something other people could possibly read & understand.

In the mean time, I had a spell of needing boring knitting, so I’ve been knitting up all my leftover cotton bits & balls into dishcloths.

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