Olympic Side Effects

The Yarn Harlot posted a few days ago about the side effects of the Knitting Olympics. I wasn’t sure I had any. I went from the flower pillow right back to the baby blanket and mostly enjoyed it until I finished.

After casting off & stretching this thing out, I got to see my Olympic side effect – wacky tension changes from BKO (before Knitting Olympics) to AKO. I was knitting fairly loosely to start, apparently, and I totally forgot. Whoops. Not sure if this puckery mess can be saved even by blocking, it’s that different. I’m reluctant to post pictures as I’m still in denial.

To make myself feel better, I started knitting Shedir, that gorgeous hat from the Breast Cancer awareness special issue of Knitty. I didn’t have any Rowan Calmer, of course, so I used some old Berella superwash wool that I bought in a sale years ago. It was fun, great fun. My fingers remembered how I used to do cables before I did. Now that I’ve finished, I wish I’d left out a repeat. Now I need to find someone with a large head to wear it and to make myself another one with one less repeat at the start. Oh well, it is gorgeous & a great pattern. Much fun. Pictures to come when I find the
styrofoam head we have or someone with a big enough head to not make it look silly.

I love the springiness of the fabric – it would fit a wide range of sizes. It would be the perfect hat to have on hand to loan to folks who forgot one, the problem would be getting it back.

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