Shawl is not coming out to play

The Diamond Fantasy Shawl won’t be coming out to Guild tonight because it still hasn’t been blocked. Why? Oh, just because. I could blame it on the intended blocking surface (guest bed) being occupied this past weekend, but that just isn’t it.

A while back I was reknitting my Cosmos Flower Pillow in cotton, intended for one of the many babies that have been popping up to friends and relatives. I gave up about half way through because I had to use a tight gauge to prevent stuffing from coming out and I was using up some more stash cotton that was pretty skinny already. My fingers felt like they were being abused. Time away seems to have helped, because I picked up the thing again on Friday & now it’s all done. The bonus was that because I wasn’t felting this one I could stuff it as I went and avoid sewing altogether. Yay! So here is pillow with the new “daughter of pillow” as Ron calls it.

The stripiness is due to the fact that this cotton was sitting around in my stash for quite some time and got some light on some of it for long enough to fade it a bit. Well, whatever, it’s a toy.

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2 Responses to Shawl is not coming out to play

  1. Anonymous says:

    I realized from reading your blog and following links, that we’re in the same town and now I’ve found the Knitting Guild, so thanks.

  2. Excellent – hope to see you in June!