Smooth is finally over

After finishing Odessa (now delivered to the yarn store), I still had quite a bit of the teal left over and a tiny bit of yellow. Since it’s both acrylic and lovely to the touch, I thought I’d make it into a toy for Zoé – perhaps a cube. I tested gauge & found that on 2mm needles it made a nice tight fabric that stuffing wouldn’t leak out of. Fantastic. I set off with 25 stitches to a side. When I finished the first square, I decided to use a purl row to show the change. Ok, finished 2 squares, then I did the increases so I was doing squares 3, 4, and 5 at once. I started getting worried that I might not have quite enough yarn. When I’d decreased and was working on the 6th square, I realized I really was going to run out. I knit the last 10 rows of square 6 with the yellow and used every scrap of teal that I had left to sew up the teal edges. I ended up with just a couple of feet of the yellow remaining.

After stuffing, the “cube” became pretty quite rounded. I figured that this didn’t matter, as the intended recipient can’t even talk yet. Zoé found the cube this morning & seemed quite pleased to have a new object to throw around.

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