Blogging slows down, knitting goes on

Right now I’ve got a few pictures on the camera to prove that it’s been a busy knitting summer. Eventually I’ll download everything. The 2-tone Peacock Feathers shawl worked out, but it hasn’t been blocked yet.

I finished the no-brainer mohair scarf afterwards because after the stress of wondering if I’d have enough wool for the Peacock Feathers shawl I needed something that would just go on & on until it was done. In that same vein I used the same type of mohair for a textured but pretty plain blanket with a cabled edge. I started it at the beginning of vacation (last week of August) and finished it a week or two ago.

There has also been a beaded Odessa. Yes, I finally did an Odessa the way Grumperina designed it. I started it on a trip to Toronto & back on the bus (long day) and finished it a couple of nights later. It was my first beaded knitting item and the beads made the short project even more fun.

A friend has a baby on the way, so with a little more King Cole Smooth, I made a little cardigan in my usual top-down pattern. I did a diamond type thing on the fly & then decided to switch the colours half way through both for the effect and to stop myself worrying I’d run out of wool. See what the Peacock shawl has done to me?

Now I’m well into the Christmas knitting, which will mean less photos on the blog than before. Of course there is still the lovely cashmere scarf I intend to make myself, so that could be worked in between other projects. We’ll see how it goes.

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