Must download pictures

Last week was manic, with about 5 different things including our annual house swarming party. Despite all that, knitting was accomplished. I finished a green Odessa – again with beads. I don’t think I’m tired of this pattern yet.

My current WIP is a set of gloves for me from the other skein of Fleece Artist sock merino. I used the first skein for my little shawl/scarf thing because I couldn’t bear to use all that beautiful wool for socks. Now I’ve decided that gloves are the thing for the other skein. I’m roughly following a pattern that I found on the web but when I finished the thumb gore last night I decided to use short rows to even things up before getting to the fingers. It looks good so far & I think it might work. On to the fingers. Must remember to write down the changes as I go so that I get 2 matching gloves.

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