Moving on

Now that I’m thrilled to have finished my gloves I’ve been inspired to go back to the mohair for blanket #2. It’s already over 6 inches long & growing. It’s not as mindless a pattern as the last one and while that means it’s probably growing slower, I don’t feel my brain leaking out my ears as I knit.

I’ve also started fiddling with what was going to be a top secret project: a Sens-themed scarf for Ron. Ron’s not out every Tuesday night any more & I didn’t think I’d get the project done if I tried to do it secretly. I successfully fiddled around with ideas for it during the warmup for the Sens vs. Sabres game (probably knit in the round, figured out a cast on I like, did a little bit of the black leaves on gold pattern). I think I’m almost ready to begin.

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