Peacock is finally done & wearable

I looked back & discovered that in mid-July I’d done all but the crochet edging on my Peacock Feathers Shawl. Last night I finally blocked it. When I was washing it I found that the water got very blue the first 3 times I rinsed it. I then gave up, so I won’t be wearing this out in the rain any time soon. It may be my imagination, but I don’t think the border colour difference is quite as strong now ;)

I unpinned it this morning before going to work (can’t have a 20 month old playing with pins). It is so soft and drapes beautifully. I’m thrilled with it – with the soft & springy 4-ply merino yarn (from Touch Yarns in New Zealand) and with the fabulous pattern (from Dorothy Siemens at Fiddlesticks Knitting). I had the yarn for about 5 years before I finally saw Dorothy’s pattern and knew that this is what my fondled but unknit yarn should be. With a 5 year delay and 1 month of knitting, I suppose waiting 3 months to block it isn’t quite that bad.

In terms of size, I really only measured across the top to make sure the 2 halves were the same length, so it’s got a total wingspan of about 94 inches (almost 8 feet), so it’s plenty big.

Pictures to come soon, once I get someone else to take them.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations. I’m looking forward to seeing it.