More stuff made, pictures needed

I haven’t been not knitting, it’s just that the pictures are lagging a little.

First, for Louise’s little baby girl, I knit a darling little shrug from the new Debbie Bliss baby book (Simply baby : 20 adorable knits for baby’s first two years) out of Rowan 4-play Cotton held double. That worked out, even the picking up stitches along every bit of the border to do the ribbing. I guess my knitting has progressed.

Next, I was anxious to start in on Friday which I saw recently in MagKnits. I was immediately attracted to its design & when I read how little yardage was required (150yd!), I thought hey, here’s the opportunity to make something with the very lovely Artyarns Silk Ribbon I got at Christmas time in Calgary. It’s in lovely sunset colours (135, I think). Anyway, Friday looked like the ticket. Vyvyan, the designer, was also the originator of the Argosy scarf pattern.

I measured how much a repeat took, did calculations involving stitches in a repeat and stitches in the ends of the scarf and figured that it would probably fit around my neck. I knit the whole thing & had over 12 feet left, so I undid the end, added 1 more repeat, and reknit the end. 8 inches left. Much better. I’ve tried it on & I’m happy with the result. I just need to tuck in the ends & perhaps block it somehow. Oh, and I’m thrilled with how the provisional caston & subsequent picking up of stitches went for me. If the ends weren’t sticking out the side still I’d have trouble finding where it is.

Next I’ve already knit 2 little Vine Lace baby hats and I’m working on another Debbie Bliss baby shrug. So many little people are making an appearance these days!

Must take pictures to prove that this isn’t just in my head.

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