Neverending blanket is done!

Here’s a picture of the blanket fresh off the needles.

Since then all the ends have been darned in and it’s been washed and dried and it’s nice and soft. I’m quite pleased with it in the end. It took 4 balls of Phildar Crochet (because that’s how many I had in those colours) and is somewhere over 2 feet long on each side. It’ll be a good starting off blanket for the new baby (just over 7 weeks & counting).

I also finished a striped sweater from the Phildar Coton No. 4 I got over Christmas. I’m pretty happy with it. I’m now working on another of these cardigans with the last of the Coton No. 4 – blue, tan & green, with a green collar & bottom and perhaps short sleeves (not so much of anything left any more). So from my cotton splurge at Christmas I will have made 3 bibs, 1 blanket, and 3 sweaters. I still have some Crochet left & some of the Proviso that I used for the bibs but I expect that to disappear soon too.

In happy news, I entered a number of recently-made hats in the local guild competition and ZoĆ©’s hat won me a prize in the adapted from a pattern category. I spent quite a bit of time over at Wool N’ Things today trying to figure out what to get and finally settled on….2 Addi Turbo Lace needles! Woo hoo! I’m really looking forward to trying them out.

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