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Yes, there’s been a bit of a lag, here. I know. I feel guilty if I do a knitting post when I’m waaaaayyy behind on family posts. So now I’ve done the family thing & I can update this.

Yes, I still have Second Sock Syndrome.

After the bag, I decided to tackle a new lace project: La Traviata from Marianne Kinzel’s Second Book of Modern Lace Knitting. It’s a lacy stole with leaves in it. Here’s how it looked about a repeat ago:

I got sidetracked into needing a brainless easy project with all that was going on (visits, birthdays, return to work), so I wound up the Italian Silk that I got a while back and made a scarf using a pattern from a Barbara Walker book. Most enjoyable. Here’s the Seaweed scarf. The closeup really shows the colours.

This past week I got very active & have already made 2 hats in preparation for Thursday’s knitting event for Shepherds of Good Hope in memory of Gillean. One is a baby hat (too small for Sam by just a touch) and the other is just a touch too big for Ron, but it’s modeled here by ZoĆ©.

Next? Well, more projects for the Shepherds on Thursday, and then perhaps back to my lace. Who knows.

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