A work in progress

First, a pet peeve to share with you. A great deal of my life right now is spent at the gym trying to get into shape. The other morning I got held up in the parking lot waiting for someone who was waiting for a good parking spot. Come on, people! If you are going to the gym for *exercise* it wouldn’t kill you to walk a few steps more instead of idling & blocking things up.

In knitting land I’m working on a new lace shawl pattern out of my own head. I had a couple of hours to get things rolling when I took the car in for service. Total peace & quiet, and nobody even tried to put a fishing show on the TV. It’s almost 2 weeks later & I’ve had some breakthroughs and I’ll soon be at a point where I’ll be looking for some feedback. Once I really get it together, I’ll need a test knitter or two. I figure if I put this on the blog then I’ll have to follow through and get this done.

I’ve got a few ideas about overall shape & construction, but this is all pretty much up in the air at the moment. I don’t know what’s a “normal” kind of time frame to develop something like this, but I might need a plain old boring knitting project in the mean time – something that’s plenty brainless to take a break from all the thinking I’m doing. It’s a good plan, but all I really want to do is dive into about 5 or 6 different lace patterns that I’ve been dreaming about. I’m sure if I do that I’ll never work on my own design.

Part of this desire to do something else likely comes from worrying whether or not my pattern with will live up to the vision of how it could be in my head. That’s a problem I always had way back in grade school art. I could never get it to look the way I wanted. Of course that might also be due to being unwilling to practice something I couldn’t master immediately ;)

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One Response to A work in progress

  1. All 9 Muses says:

    I’ll gladly give you some feedback. I know I’ve been out of the loop (because of kid scheduling mostly), but I’ll make it back to guild before the season ends! We should get together some time regardless.