Laminaria off the needles

Yay! I cast off last night.

The not-so-yay moment came when I hit the end of my second skein with 75 stitches left to cast off. Since I had grabbed the end & was doing it double (as per the pattern), I took a few armlengths of yarn from the final skein without winding the whole thing & looped it through, similar to a Russian join, but since I was using it double thickness there was no extra end to weave in. That almost made up for needing yarn from the third skein.

In the end, it’s going to be lovely, but it’s a little rumpled right now. It’s about 45″ deep & wide & will likely grow a fair bit with some blocking. Here’s a shot of the rumpled product taken from my BlackBerry:

Now what next? I’ve got ideas & am working through some of them, but it’ll be a long while before the finished product, I imagine. I’m trying out some lace ideas based on an architectural icon. And that’s all I’ll say for now.

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