Still working on Laminaria

There have been no updates in a while, but the knitting has been pretty minimal. I’m still working on Laminaria. I was in my second skein when I came to the end of the repeats for the second pattern. The shawl was looking small, so I decided to add another pattern repeat. I did. It still looked small, but the number of stitches was growing. Would I ever finish the knitting? Did it matter if the shawl was small?

I decided that I’d skip any further repeats & head straight for the exit – um, edging. I’m still working on the second skein and I’ve just started the second edging pattern. Yes, it’ll probably be a smallish shawl. I’m a little surprised, given my gauge is usually a bit looser than patterns, but whatever. We’ll see how it all blocks out.

Of course each row is now well over 500 stitches, so even with about 10 rows to go it’ll still take me a while. There just isn’t much time to knit any more. I guess that’s because I’m healthier now & now spending as much time in doctors’ waiting rooms. I’ll have to take a picture in progress soon, though, or it’ll be completely done before I get a shot of it.

I realized, as I was moving things around the house, that I really have a thing for green lacework. I wore my green lily of the valley scarf the other day. When I came home, I took it off & put it on the shelf next to my green cashmere day lily scarf. And now there’s Laminaria. They’re all very different materials though (Sea Silk, cashmere & Misti Alpaca). Hey, I like what I like. I still have 3 lovely skeins of green Italian Silk looking for the right pattern.

What? I never blogged the cashmere scarf? Here’s a pic for those without Ravelry access.

I’ll also have to take a picture of some new arrivals from Germany. Yes, more Wollmeise. The sock club offering is in, plus Farn in laceweight. Yum.

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