So after I finally launched my Chrysler Crown Shawl pattern, I needed an easy knitting break. I started with some basic baby hats (stockinette in 90% acrylic/10% angora). That was easy.

Then I tried a challenge. I’ve been trying off an on for about 4 years to figure out what this particular skein of silk lace from Handmaiden wants to be when it’s knit up. I love the fall colours. It feels delightful to knit. But anything I’ve attempted so far comes out looking awful. I’ve tried a variety of lace patterns, I’ve tried non-lace, I’ve tried Trinity stitch, and I’m just about out of ideas. Thoughts? Help? Here’s the ball. Linen stitch has been the most promising.

Perhaps this yarn just needs another yarn of similar makeup but one single colour that it can play nicely together with in a completely different type of project. It’s a great reason to buy some black silk laceweight, no?

To distract me from this continuing failure, I started Gail (aka Nightsongs) in my Handmaiden Camelspin in a lovely wine colour. This is the second pattern from MaweLucky (Jane) that I’ve done & although both required a bit of initial head-scratching, once it all gelled, the knitting was a piece of cake. I did some measuring & calculating to ensure I’d have enough yardage to complete the last repeat and then do the edge chart. I had about 14 arm lengths left in the end – not enough for even 2 more rows.

I’m also in denial about how much time I have to knit. I went a little crazy & bought 2 patterns from MimKnits: the Flutter Scarf, which I’ve been ogling for my Amber Mooi for a while, and the Hidcote Garden Shawl just because. And I still want to make Miralda from the lovely silk & alpaca laceweight that I recently got from Silent Valley Alpaca, a local producer.

And just a reminder – you’ve got only 3 weeks left to buy my Chrysler Crown Shawl pattern via this link or on Ravelry for a chance to win one of Francine’s lovely shawl pins!

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