10 shawls in 2010?

I’ve gone & joined another group on Ravelry. These enterprising folks are aiming to knit 10 shawls in 2010. This seems much more likely to be something I’ll do than, say, a pair of socks a week or a sweater a month. Heck, I’m working on a new shawl pattern right now and I’m going to have to knit it in full at least once in the next few months! And I know I have some great patterns from MimKnits and Knitspot that just need to be knit. And Aeolian does look lovely, doesn’t it? And I do happen to have plenty of laceweight yarn to play with.

Add to that the fact that there is contest on Denise’s blog to come up with suggestions for patterns. What’s the prize? A lovely skein of silk yarn from Lost City Knits. You can see some of her wares on the web site for her lavender farm.

There’s a break before starting this challenge though, which is good as I’m just finishing up the last of my Christmas knitting & blocking (yay!). No official casting on until 2010! Perhaps in the next week I’ll magically find the time to work the kinks out of some pattern ideas.

Enjoy your holidays! I know I’ll have a great time with my family. The kids have been looking forward to Christmas for a while – so much so that I haven’t dared to leave any gifts under the tree!

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