2010: the year of more knitting

It’s probably no surprise that I intend to knit in 2010. And why wouldn’t I? 2009 was an awesome knitting year. I wrote two free patterns and then finally invented my own lace knitting pattern: the Chrysler Crown Shawl. I’m thrilled with how it turned out, yet still wondering how I can ever match it.

2009 also ended quite well, knitting-wise.

1) I got Romi’s fabulous book as a prize from Peggy for pointing them at my Mirage scarf pattern.

2) I made knitted presents for all ZoĆ©’s teachers and had no trouble finishing.

3) I made 2 berets from Peruvia. Once I got started on the Star Crossed Slouchy Beret I couldn’t stop! And I gave one to Louise.

4) Louise gave me these (Miss May and Spice Market!!!):

I think she’s lost her mind, but it’s hard to argue when someone is giving you Wollmeise even if you think they shouldn’t.

5) I recently read Connie Chang Chinchio’s post about a tubular cast on and had a bit of an a-ha moment where this really made sense and made me think of a bought sweater whose edge I couldn’t quite puzzle out. This was it!

Looking forward to an excellent 2010!

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