Finishing up some stuff

So I’ve had a few opportunities to knit lately. Since August I’ve been having issues with gall stones. That meant a few trips to doctors. At one visit I finally found the time to tuck in all the ends on a baby cardigan I’d knit ages ago. I even found buttons in my stash. Perfect. Finally. I’m so happy with how the stripes look on this little sweater. This is the end of some Phildar cotton (Coton No 4?) I bought in Calgary in December 2006.

I spent a week & 1/2 at home recovering from the laparoscopic cholecystectomy: the gall bladder is gone! Yes, this meant more knitting time.

The first weekend, when I was still on some heavy duty painkillers all I could manage was simple scarves. I made 2 more Mirages. Yes, I know, it’s my own pattern, but it’s simple & all I could really handle. Yay, stashbusting. Plus they’re presents for ZoĆ©’s teachers.

Mirage 1: Mei Mei Baby Bamboo, 3 balls, almost all used:

Mirage 2: Oasis solid, 1 ball, sapphire, almost all used:

Later, I was feeling more adventurous & tackled a Star Crossed Slouchy Beret from the Tosca I had hanging around. It was a quick & relatively easy knit and took a ball and a bit. The hardest part was finding big enough needles, and I don’t think I quite used what was required, but the end product is wearable. I’ll need a picture of it on to see what it really looks like.

Finally, a recent acquisition will have to be knit soon. My curiosity has limits. Ever since Anne Hanson at Knitspot started posting about the mink & cashmere yarn she was using to make some lovely mittens and a cowl, I’d been intrigued. I finally gave in to temptation and purchased some in green & black. Expect to see some leafprints or something similar soon. Oh, and no mink were harmed in making this yarn!

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