Saturday spinning update

It’s been another fun week of spinning stealing time away from the knitting. I wasn’t completely neglectful of the knitting because I was able to finish a scarf (see below). More on that later this week!

I spun up my bag of Fine Grey Shetland Top into about 120 yds of 2 ply yarn (~62g). Now I’m thinking that I could do a similar-sized bag of Black Shetland & perhaps some more grey, and make some mittens.

It really looks like yarn, doesn’t it?

I also played with the bag of white Corriedale. It seemed to want to be a bit thicker, so that was a small length of 2 ply yarn in the end, a bit thick & thin. I spun  a bit and then did the rest really thick & thin on purpose to make sure I still could.

The Blue Faced Leicester was the third in the batch of natural coloured breed-specific bags that I bought. I divided it into quarters, pre-drafted, and found that I could make it very very skinny. I got about 200 yards of singles from about 30g. This stuff is awesome! And now I have enough top to probably come up with enough heavy laceweight to make an actual project! The spinning will take some time, of course. I figure that I’ve got another 25 hours just in spinning for the remaining bags plus time for plying, winding, washing, etc. This is going to be a longish project!

I’m really enjoying learning about making yarn like how much twist is needed to hold things together and the whole tactile experience. The main down side that I’ve found so far is that spinning seems to be putting the dust bunnies on steroids. Man do those things grow quickly!

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