In which I am clumsy, again

Great news! I cast off the new green Eiffel Tower Shawl last night. The not so great news is that I cast it off in bed last night. I have a new theory that the colour was named “Olive” when viewed in really dim light, because that’s the only time it’s looked olive-like to me.

Why was I knitting in bed? I slipped & fell down the last 6 or so stairs.

This is far from my first clumsy incident. Those of you who’ve known me (or read this blog) for a while are probably already thinking back to the painful rake incident of September 2008. I know Louise is still laughing about that one. We have go to further back to somewhere around 1998 to get to the last time I had a serious fall down some stairs. Here’s a little comparison between the two incidents:

1998 2011
Location Straight wooden staircase Curved wooden staircase
Cause Slippery wool socks Slippery socks (acrylic?)
Sound One loud bump, followed by rapid bumps as I traveled down about half the stairs on my rear end Odd tumbling sounds and outbursts as I fell unevenly before becoming a crumpled heap at the bottom of the stairs
Husband’s reaction Hysterical laughter Genuine concern, slightly reduced on realizing it was me & not one of the children
My first thoughts Ow. Please let my right arm be ok so that I can knit and spin.
Damages Broken coccyx  (tailbone), 6 months of recovery with pain tempered by Advil Bruised bone, sore right wrist

We can clearly see here that not only is my husband’s reaction improved (although he did return to watch the hockey game before I got up), but I am getting much better at falling. I iced the injuries right away & took some anti-inflammatories. On determining that it hurt too much to sit, I retired to bed and cast off the second half of the shawl.

Today I’m only a little stiff but it does hurt to sit for very long. The right arm is only a bit sore but I’m going to try not to push it. Of course, I am a little lost for what to knit next, but I do have some blocking to do. I might even block my own Eiffel Tower shawl at the same time. Here’s the before:

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3 Responses to In which I am clumsy, again

  1. knittyjaimee says:

    oh Natalie!!! I hope you are ok!

  2. Cookie says:

    Thank goodness you’re alright!


  3. Ron says:

    In my defense the Sens had just scored.