Knitting and giving

As I mentioned last time, the cotton/linen blend I’m working with is Pima Lino Lace by Diamond Yarn. The suggested needle size is 2.75mm. I’m using 3.25, but since I knit loosely, that’s like a normal person using 3.75. I’m getting a lovely light fabric that’s surprisingly soft. The colour is called Olive on their website, but really, does it look like an olive green to you? I didn’t think so. I’m enjoying the colour as I knit.

Oh, did I forget to mention that I’m knitting YAETS (yet another Eiffel Tower Shawl)? It’s like I’m a glutton for punishment or something. I finally got my own Eiffel Tower Shawl off the needles last week after a very long 8 month knit. I never thought the next new thing I’d start would be another one, but knitting a sample for the store made it seem like a good idea. Thanks to my love of the yarn colour, I’m zipping along and I’m already working on the border chart. I started this on Sunday & who knows, I might even finish it this week. I’ve got about 45 rows to go.

Giving time!

Another month has passed by & it’s time for my donation to MSF/DWB (and Knitters Without Borders). February was short & I didn’t have any new patterns ready, but I still did ok. I decided to donate $20 again even though my calculation was smaller. It didn’t seem right to give less to MSF than in Paypal fees, so I guess $20 is my monthly minimum! Thanks to the knitters who are making this giving possible.

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2 Responses to Knitting and giving

  1. Cookie says:

    That’s olive?! Wow. After yesterday’s photo, I was thinking it was chartreuse. Who knew?

  2. tina says:

    Definitely not olive. Judging by my last martini anyway. AND—– you have ANOTHER Eiffel and it is almost finished?????????? Sigh. Deeeeeeep sigh. Only halfway through the first repeat of chart 2. I keep telling myself that there are other things but, sheesh.