Spinning update (no, it’s not Saturday)

What a very busy time we’ve had this week. We moved. My in-laws came here on their way to Montreal & helped to put up our new shed. My parents came up for a visit. And I just spent 2 hours cleaning up at the old house.  Now there’s only one more load of stuff to bring over and we’re finished. The closing date is later this week. There has been precious little knitting time and no spinning time.

I’m hopeful that there will be lots of spinning time in the near future though, because packages have been arriving. First, there was this beautiful green merino/nylon set of Cupcake Fiber Company batts. I already have an untouched box in the stash – a trio set in purply blues. Despite this, when I saw the stunning green Joan called Airlann, I knew it had to be mine. Here’s a picture from Joan’s shop. It’s even more beautiful in person.

(btw, happy belated birthday to Joan!)

Later there was a box that arrived from Val. I met Val in person a few months ago. When she mentioned on Ravelry that she had some merino that was aggravating her, I offered to take it on. I opened a box stuffed full of loveliness to spin – the merino, plus some BFL from Fleece Artist. I don’t have any pictures for you today because the handy little tub of cables that lets me download stuff off the camera isn’t somewhere I can find yet. Arrgh. I’ll be a very happy camper once the boxes are unpacked and the spinning wheel arrives!

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2 Responses to Spinning update (no, it’s not Saturday)

  1. Cookie says:


    I’m so glad you’ve had help with all this moving business. Good luck finding that cable!


  2. Kim Evans says:

    Can’t wait to see your other fleeces and new spinning wheel. All the best in a speedy unpacking.