Vineyards Shawl!

I’ve finished & published my Vineyards Shawl. This is part 3 of the Summer in Provence e-book with one more coming at the end of September.

A vine wanders the length of the shawl, with leaves on alternating sides and a little curlicue at the start and end. The border has bunches of grapes. I used 2 different colours of Glacier Ice Lace from Hasmi at Rocky Mountain Dyeworks: Vineyard & Merlot. Can you tell from the names that she dyed them up especially for this?

The shawl starts with a provisional cast on. The body is knit from one end to the other and then the border is knit on to both ends afterwards, giving you the option of using a second color. The pattern is both charted & written.

This pattern is a victory for me. I had a clear idea in my head of what I wanted to achieve. It took a bit of work & a few tries to get the look I was after. I’m thrilled that I was able to make this design do what I wanted to do. I knew I had it right when I was blocking it and I had the feeling of amazement that this was something I’d made.

Vineyards Shawl: $6

Summer in Provence: $14, includes Lavender Fields Shawl, Sunflower Field Shawl, Vineyards Shawl, and the poppy-inspired shawl to come at the end of September

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3 Responses to Vineyards Shawl!

  1. Kelly says:

    It’s even more beautiful in person!

  2. Cookie says:


  3. kmkat says:

    Beautiful and amazing!