I don’t crochet, but…

I almost want to crochet. There are a few reasons, but perhaps the most pressing is almost weekly exposure to my friend Anja, who does some lovely work. It also helps that she’s a real sweetie. She teaches crochet at my LYS and she’s recently put up her first pattern for sale on Ravelry.

Sugarspun is a sweet shawl with a lovely edging and great drape.

Here’s what Anja says about this shawl:

This shawl was made to exploit the extraordinary drape of Araucania Ruca and is crocheted from neckline to tip with increases down the center and on each edge. It’s the perfect cover for bare shoulders against a cool breeze when the sun goes down.

Oh, and Anja’s got other hobbies too. She sells hand-dyed yarn in her buntart Etsy shop. Even though she’s multi-talented, you can’t help but like her. She’s a sweet person who shares her knowledge willingly, and frequently in conversation you’ll catch her flashing a mischievous grin.

You’ve also heard me go on about the wonderful Francine (talented maker of things and delightful model). She & Anja are just 2 of the people that make my LYS a great place to be on a Thursday.

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One Response to I don’t crochet, but…

  1. Anja says:

    You wonderful creature, thank you! You made my day. :o)