Precious little knitting

It really feels like I’m not making much progress in the way of knitting. I’m working full time and my creativity feels limited. I’m feeling a little stifled. I know that’ll change soon. I’ve only got about another month of work, and then I’m spending all of Mother’s Day weekend in classes learning from Cat Bordhi. If that doesn’t get me going again I’m not sure what will!

I don’t have anything new works in progress to show you to show you, but my creative block means that I’ve pretty much just been knitting on my Issey Scarf. I’ve almost finished the first ball. I’ve got 2 more and the next one is wound and ready to go.

I love the feel, shine & drape of this Italian Silk and I’m kind of glad I waited 5 years to knit with it. I love this pattern. This is a scarf I’m sure I’ll wear, I just need to finish it!

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